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301Epidermal self-powered sweat sensors for glucose and lactate monitoring
Author(s):Xingcan Huang, Jiyu Li, Yiming Liu, Tszhung Wong, Jingyou Su, Kuanming Yao, Jingkun Zhou, Ya Huang, Hu Li, Dengfeng Li, Mengge Wu, Enming Song, Shijiao Han & Xinge Yu  Clicked:331  Download:484  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Bio-Design and Manufacturing  2022 Vol.5 No.1 P.201-209  DOI:10.1007/s42242-021-00156-1
302Upregulation of h-TERT and Ki-67 in ectopic endometrium is associated with recurrence of endometriosis
Author(s):Jie LUO, Zhimin SONG, Tao ZHANG, Ketan CHU, Jingyi LI, Jianhong ZHOU, Jun LIN  Clicked:1870  Download:1076  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 225
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2022 Vol.23 No.2 P.158-163  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2100502
303CFD-DEM modelling of suffusion in multi-layer soils with different fines contents and impermeable zones
Author(s):Pei WANG, Ying GE, Tuo WANG, Qi-Wei LIU, Shunxiang SONG  Clicked:159  Download:209  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  In Press    DOI:
3044D printing of core–shell hydrogel capsules for smart controlled drug release
Author(s):Shuo Zu, Zhihui Zhang, Qingping Liu, Zhenguo Wang, Zhengyi Song, Yunting Guo, Yuanzhu Xin & Shuang Zhang   Clicked:100  Download:231  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Bio-Design and Manufacturing  2022 Vol.5 No.2 P.294-304  DOI:10.1007/s42242-021-00175-y
305Assembly of 3D-printed Ti scaffold and free vascularized fibula using a customized Ti plate for the reconstruction of mandibular defects
Author(s):Chiyang Zhong, Yixuan Zhao, Hongyu Xing, Qingguo Lai, Runqi Xue, Tianxiang Song, Xiaopeng Tang, Kaiwen Zhu & Yanwei Deng  Clicked:97  Download:282  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Bio-Design and Manufacturing  2022 Vol.5 No.2 P.424-429  DOI:10.1007/s42242-021-00181-0
306High-throughput “read-on-ski” automated imaging and label-free detection system for toxicity screening of compounds using personalised human kidney organoids
Author(s):Qizheng WANG, Jun LU, Ke FAN, Yiwei XU, Yucui XIONG, Zhiyong SUN, Man ZHAI, Zhizhong ZHANG, Sheng ZHANG, Yan SONG, Jianzhong LUO, Mingliang YOU, Meijin GUO, Xiao ZHANG  Clicked:207  Download:164  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 20
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2022 Vol.23 No.7 P.564-577  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2100701
307Effects of moisture content and dry bulk density on the thermal conductivity of compacted backfill soil
Author(s):Yu-hao WU, Yan-hao FENG, Li-wu FAN, Qing WANG, Xin SONG, Zi-tao YU  Clicked:131  Download:160  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  In Press    DOI:
308Dynamic modeling and damage analysis of debris cloud fragments produced by hypervelocity impacts via image processing
Author(s):Ru ZENG, Yan SONG, Weizhen LV  Clicked:745  Download:535  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 25
Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering  2022 Vol.23 No.4 P.555-570  DOI:10.1631/FITEE.2100049
309The protective effect of folic acid on oxidative stress induced by lead acetate in PC12 cells
Author(s):Ning LI1, Mingming LI, Xianqing HUANG, Lianjun SONG, Mingwu QIAO, Tianlin WANG, Tiange LI, Xiuhong ZHU, Can CUI  Clicked:130  Download:140  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  In Press    DOI:
310Investigation and experimental validation of curcumin-related mechanisms against hepatocellular carcinoma based on network pharmacology
Author(s):Yang CHEN, Qian LI, Sisi REN, Ting CHEN, Bingtao ZHAI, Jiangxue CHENG, Xiaoyan SHI, Liang SONG, Yu FAN, Dongyan GUO  Clicked:671  Download:132  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  In Press    DOI:
311Static control method using gradient–genetic algorithm for grillage adaptive beam string structures based on minimal internal force
Author(s):Yan-bin SHEN, Hao-song SUN, An-dong LEI, Xiao-yuan YING, Guang YANG, Yao-zhi LUO  Clicked:93  Download:65  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  In Press    DOI:
312Finite-time leader-follower consensus of a discrete-time system via sliding mode control
Author(s):Ruizhuo SONG, Shi XING, Zhen XU  Clicked:120  Download:146  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 13
Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering  2022 Vol.23 No.7 P.1057-1068  DOI:10.1631/FITEE.2100565
313Customizable design of multiple-biomolecule delivery platform for enhanced osteogenic responses via ‘tailored assembly system’
Author(s):Hyun Lee, Min-Kyu Lee, Ginam Han, Hyoun-Ee Kim, Juha Song, Yuhyeon Na, Chang-Bun Yoon, SeKwon Oh, Tae-Sik Jang & Hyun-Do Jung  Clicked:4  Download:5  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Bio-Design and Manufacturing  2022 Vol.5 No.3 P.451-464  DOI:10.1007/s42242-022-00190-7
314Bogie active stability simulation and scale rig test based on frame lateral vibration control
Author(s):Ya-dong SONG, Hu LI, Jun CHENG, Yuan YAO  Clicked:21  Download:7  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  In Press    DOI:
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