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Peng-cheng Hu


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Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering  2019 Vol.20 No.5 P.631-654


Displacement measuring grating interferometer: a review

Author(s):  Peng-cheng Hu, Di Chang, Jiu-bin Tan, Rui-tao Yang, Hong-xing Yang, Hai-jin Fu

Affiliation(s):  Center of Ultra-precision Optoelectronic Instrument Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150080, China; more

Corresponding email(s):   jbtan@hit.edu.cn

Key Words:  Grating interferometer, Optical encoder, Displacement measurement, Precision measurement

Peng-cheng Hu, Di Chang, Jiu-bin Tan, Rui-tao Yang, Hong-xing Yang, Hai-jin Fu. Displacement measuring grating interferometer: a review[J]. Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering, 2019, 20(5): 631-654.

@article{title="Displacement measuring grating interferometer: a review",
author="Peng-cheng Hu, Di Chang, Jiu-bin Tan, Rui-tao Yang, Hong-xing Yang, Hai-jin Fu",
journal="Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering",
publisher="Zhejiang University Press & Springer",

%0 Journal Article
%T Displacement measuring grating interferometer: a review
%A Peng-cheng Hu
%A Di Chang
%A Jiu-bin Tan
%A Rui-tao Yang
%A Hong-xing Yang
%A Hai-jin Fu
%J Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering
%V 20
%N 5
%P 631-654
%@ 2095-9184
%D 2019
%I Zhejiang University Press & Springer
%DOI 10.1631/FITEE.1800708

T1 - Displacement measuring grating interferometer: a review
A1 - Peng-cheng Hu
A1 - Di Chang
A1 - Jiu-bin Tan
A1 - Rui-tao Yang
A1 - Hong-xing Yang
A1 - Hai-jin Fu
J0 - Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering
VL - 20
IS - 5
SP - 631
EP - 654
%@ 2095-9184
Y1 - 2019
PB - Zhejiang University Press & Springer
ER -
DOI - 10.1631/FITEE.1800708

A grating interferometer, called the “optical encoder,” is a commonly used tool for precise displacement measurements. In contrast to a laser interferometer, a grating interferometer is insensitive to the air refractive index and can be easily applied to multi-degree-of-freedom measurements, which has made it an extensively researched and widely used device. Classified based on the measuring principle and optical configuration, a grating interferometer experiences three distinct stages of development: homodyne, heterodyne, and spatially separated heterodyne. Compared with the former two, the spatially separated heterodyne grating interferometer could achieve a better resolution with a feature of eliminating periodic nonlinear errors. Meanwhile, numerous structures of grating interferometers with a high optical fold factor, a large measurement range, good usability, and multi-degree-of-freedom measurements have been investigated. The development of incremental displacement measuring grating interferometers achieved in recent years is summarized in detail, and studies on error analysis of a grating interferometer are briefly introduced.




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