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Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE B 2005 Vol.6 No.1 P.53-56


The binding of MBL to common bacteria in infectious diseases of children

Author(s):  SHANG Shi-qiang, CHEN Guo-xian, SHEN Jie, YU Xiao-hong, WANG Ke-yi

Affiliation(s):  Affiliated Children’ more

Corresponding email(s):   Shangsq33@mail.hz.zj.cn

Key Words:  Mannan-binding lectin (MBL), Children, Innate immunity, Bacteria

SHANG Shi-qiang, CHEN Guo-xian, SHEN Jie, YU Xiao-hong, WANG Ke-yi. The binding of MBL to common bacteria in infectious diseases of children[J]. Journal of Zhejiang University Science B, 2005, 6(1): 53-56.

@article{title="The binding of MBL to common bacteria in infectious diseases of children",
author="SHANG Shi-qiang, CHEN Guo-xian, SHEN Jie, YU Xiao-hong, WANG Ke-yi",
journal="Journal of Zhejiang University Science B",
publisher="Zhejiang University Press & Springer",

%0 Journal Article
%T The binding of MBL to common bacteria in infectious diseases of children
%A SHANG Shi-qiang
%A CHEN Guo-xian
%A YU Xiao-hong
%A WANG Ke-yi
%J Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE B
%V 6
%N 1
%P 53-56
%@ 1673-1581
%D 2005
%I Zhejiang University Press & Springer
%DOI 10.1631/jzus.2005.B0053

T1 - The binding of MBL to common bacteria in infectious diseases of children
A1 - SHANG Shi-qiang
A1 - CHEN Guo-xian
A1 - SHEN Jie
A1 - YU Xiao-hong
A1 - WANG Ke-yi
J0 - Journal of Zhejiang University Science B
VL - 6
IS - 1
SP - 53
EP - 56
%@ 1673-1581
Y1 - 2005
PB - Zhejiang University Press & Springer
ER -
DOI - 10.1631/jzus.2005.B0053

Objective: To purify mannan-binding lectin (MBL) from human serum and detect its binding ability to several kinds of bacteria common in infectious diseases of children. Methods: MBL was purified from human serum by affinity chromatography on mannan-Sepharose 4B column. Its binding ability to eight species, 97 strains of bacteria was detected by enzyme-linked lectin assay (ELLA). Results: MBL has different binding ability to bacteria and shows strong binding ability to Klebsiella ornithinolytica and Escherichia coli, but shows relatively lower binding ability to Staphylococcus haemolyticus, Enterobacter cloacae and Staphylococcus epidermidis. To different isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae and Staphylococcus aureus, MBL shows quite different binding ability. Conclusions: MBL has different binding ability to different bacteria, and has relatively stronger binding ability to Gram-negative bacteria. Its binding ability to different isolates of certain kinds of bacteria is quite different.

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