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181Spatial transcriptome analysis of long non-coding RNAs reveals tissue specificity and functional roles in cancer
Author(s):Kang XU, Xiyun JIN, Ya LUO, Haozhe ZOU, Dezhong LV, Liping WANG, Limei FU, Yangyang CAI, Tingting SHAO, Yongsheng LI, Juan XU  Clicked:994  Download:825  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 256
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2023 Vol.24 No.1 P.15-31  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2200206
182Globular adiponectin-mediated vascular remodeling by affecting the secretion of adventitial-derived tumor necrosis factor-α induced by urotensin II
Author(s):Jun LI, Limin LUO, Yonggang ZHANG, Xiao DONG, Shuyi DANG, Xiaogang GUO, Wenhui DING  Clicked:903  Download:833  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 269
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2022 Vol.23 No.12 P.1014-1027  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2200346
183A novel defined risk signature of endoplasmic reticulum stress-related genes for predicting the prognosis and immune infiltration status of ovarian cancer
Author(s):Jiahang MO, Shunyi RUAN, Baicai YANG, Yunfeng JIN, Keyi LIU, Xukai LUO, Hua JIANG  Clicked:994  Download:808  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 279
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2023 Vol.24 No.1 P.64-77  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2200272
184Recent advances in traction drive technology for rail transit
Author(s):Jien MA, Chao LUO, Lin QIU, Xing LIU, Bowen XU, Jiabo SHOU, Youtong FANG  Clicked:922  Download:710  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2023 Vol.24 No.3 P.177-188  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2200285
185Development of conductive hydrogels: from design mechanisms to frontier applications
Author(s):Yang Hong, Zening Lin, Zirong Luo, Tao Jiang, Jianzhong Shang & Yun Yang  Clicked:477  Download:722  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Bio-Design and Manufacturing  2022 Vol.5 No.4 P.729-756  DOI:10.1007/s42242-022-00208-0
186Exhaust process of cryogenic nitrogen gas from a cryogenic wind tunnel with an inclined exit
Author(s):Jingfeng LI, Kai WANG, Chenjie GU, Limin QIU  Clicked:815  Download:651  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 205
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2023 Vol.24 No.5 P.419-431  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2200289
187Shaking table tests on a cantilever retaining wall with reinforced and unreinforced backfill
Author(s):Ming WEI, Qiang LUO, Gui-shuai FENG, Teng-fei WANG, Liang-wei JIANG  Clicked:964  Download:778  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 297
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2022 Vol.23 No.11 P.900-916  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2200192
188GPU-accelerated vector-form particle-element method for 3D elastoplastic contact of structures
Author(s):Wei WANG, Yanfeng ZHENG, Jingzhe TANG, Chao YANG, Yaozhi LUO  Clicked:8439  Download:1556  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 99
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2023 Vol.24 No.12 P.1120-1130  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2200311
189Experimental and theoretical analysis of a hybrid vibration energy harvester with integrated piezoelectric and electromagnetic interaction
Author(s):Shifan HUANG, Weihao LUO, Zongming ZHU, Zhenlong XU, Ban WANG, Maoying ZHOU, Huawei QIN  Clicked:797  Download:560  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 133
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2023 Vol.24 No.11 P.991-1002  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2200551
190Investigation of flow characteristics in a rotor-stator cavity under crossflow using wall-modelled large-eddy simulation
Author(s):Lei XIE, Qiang DU, Guang LIU, Zengyan LIAN, Yaguang XIE, Yifu LUO  Clicked:855  Download:651  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 203
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2023 Vol.24 No.6 P.473-496  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2200565
191An epipolythiodioxopiperazine alkaloid and diversified aromatic polyketides with cytotoxicity from the Beibu Gulf coral-derived fungus Emericella nidulans GXIMD 02509
Author(s):Miaoping LIN, Zhenzhou TANG, Jiaxi WANG, Humu LU, Chenwei WANG, Yanting ZHANG, Xinming LIU, Chenghai GAO, Yonghong LIU, Xiaowei LUO  Clicked:759  Download:574  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 202
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2023 Vol.24 No.3 P.275-280  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2200622
192Data-driven soft sensors in blast furnace ironmaking: a survey
Author(s):Yueyang LUO, Xinmin ZHANG, Manabu KANO, Long DENG, Chunjie YANG, Zhihuan SONG  Clicked:1582  Download:2045  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 254
Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering  2023 Vol.24 No.3 P.327-354  DOI:10.1631/FITEE.2200366
193A novel approach for the optimal arrangement of tube bundles in a 1000-MW condenser
Author(s):Jinju GUO, Taoye YIN, Shuai WANG, Wei CHEN, Peiwang ZHU, Kun LUO, Yun KUANG, Jie LIU, Junjun HUANG, Bing HUO, Hui WANG, Chunlin ZHANG, Jian WANG  Clicked:517  Download:392  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 87
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2023 Vol.24 No.12 P.1140-1146  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2300183
194Core-drilling kinematic modeling and analysis of Jiaolong submersible manipulator
Author(s):Xu YANG, Xin LIU, Shizhen LI, Yugang REN, Limin ZHU  Clicked:853  Download:506  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 242
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2023 Vol.24 No.11 P.937-948  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2200484
195Comparison of the hygrothermal performance of two light-framed timber structure buildings under different operation modes
Author(s):Wanqing XU, Yucong XUE, Jiang LU, Yifan FAN, Xiaoyu LUO  Clicked:682  Download:882  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 95
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2024 Vol.25 No.1 P.18-35  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2200536
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