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Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE C 2012 Vol.13 No.12 P.929-936


Optimized design of LED freeform lens for uniform circular illumination

Author(s):  Peng Liu, Reng-mao Wu, Zhen-rong Zheng, Hai-feng Li, Xu Liu

Affiliation(s):  State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China

Corresponding email(s):   benlau@zju.edu.cn, zzr@zju.edu.cn

Key Words:  Illumination design, Lenses, Light emitting diode (LED), Non-imaging optics

Peng Liu, Reng-mao Wu, Zhen-rong Zheng, Hai-feng Li, Xu Liu. Optimized design of LED freeform lens for uniform circular illumination[J]. Journal of Zhejiang University Science C, 2012, 13(12): 929-936.

@article{title="Optimized design of LED freeform lens for uniform circular illumination",
author="Peng Liu, Reng-mao Wu, Zhen-rong Zheng, Hai-feng Li, Xu Liu",
journal="Journal of Zhejiang University Science C",
publisher="Zhejiang University Press & Springer",

%0 Journal Article
%T Optimized design of LED freeform lens for uniform circular illumination
%A Peng Liu
%A Reng-mao Wu
%A Zhen-rong Zheng
%A Hai-feng Li
%A Xu Liu
%J Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE C
%V 13
%N 12
%P 929-936
%@ 1869-1951
%D 2012
%I Zhejiang University Press & Springer
%DOI 10.1631/jzus.C12a0116

T1 - Optimized design of LED freeform lens for uniform circular illumination
A1 - Peng Liu
A1 - Reng-mao Wu
A1 - Zhen-rong Zheng
A1 - Hai-feng Li
A1 - Xu Liu
J0 - Journal of Zhejiang University Science C
VL - 13
IS - 12
SP - 929
EP - 936
%@ 1869-1951
Y1 - 2012
PB - Zhejiang University Press & Springer
ER -
DOI - 10.1631/jzus.C12a0116

An optimization method is proposed for designing an LED freeform lens which produces a uniform circular pattern with high energy efficiency. This method is composed of three main aspects: design of the initial guess, parameterization of the freeform surface, and construction of the merit function. The initial guess is created by solving an ordinary differential equation numerically. An approach of selecting optimization points is introduced for parameterization of the freeform surface. The merit function is constructed by use of the irradiance uniformity and the efficiency of the lens. Design examples are given, and the results show that the irradiance distribution is well controlled with a maximum uniformity (the relative standard deviation of irradiance, RSD) of 0.0122 and a maximum efficiency of 93.88%. This optimization method can be generalized to design freeform lenses with different lighting patterns or without rotational symmetry.

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