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181Target binding and residence: a new determinant of DNA double-strand break repair pathway choice in CRISPR/...
Author(s):Yili FENG, Sicheng LIU, Ruodan CHE...  Clicked:3745  Download:1961  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1473
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2021 Vol.22 No.1 P.73-86  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2000282
182High-throughput sequencing identifies salivary microbiota in Chinese caries-free preschool children with pr...
Author(s):Lei XU, Zhifang WU, Yuan WANG, Sa ...  Clicked:3316  Download:1867  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1506
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2021 Vol.22 No.4 P.285-294  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2000554
183Integrative analysis of prognostic long non-coding RNAs with copy number variation in bladder cancer
Author(s):Wenwen ZHONG, Dejuan WANG, Bing YA...  Clicked:4194  Download:2409  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1555
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2021 Vol.22 No.8 P.664-681  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2000494
184Molecular cloning, characterization and expression analysis of three key starch synthesis-related genes fro...
Author(s):Yun WU, Minyi SUN, Shiqi LI, Ruiha...  Clicked:3204  Download:2083  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1708
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2021 Vol.22 No.6 P.476-491  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2000545
185NEDD8-conjugating enzyme E2 UBE2F confers radiation resistance by protecting lung cancer cells from apoptosis
Author(s):Lisha ZHOU, Changsheng DONG, Zhuom...  Clicked:3686  Download:2494  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1170
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2021 Vol.22 No.11 P.959-965  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2100170
186Urinary donor-derived cell-free DNA as a non-invasive biomarker for BK polyomavirus-associated nephropathy
Author(s):Jia SHEN, Luying GUO, Wenhua LEI, ...  Clicked:3830  Download:2853  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1171
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2021 Vol.22 No.11 P.917-928  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2100131
187Bioinformatic analysis for potential biological processes and key targets of heart failure-related stroke
Author(s):Chiyu LIU, Sixu CHEN, Haifeng ZHAN...  Clicked:4465  Download:2963  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1730
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2021 Vol.22 No.9 P.718-732  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2000544
188Genetic diversity analysis of forty-three insertion/deletion loci for forensic individual identification in...
Author(s):Congying ZHAO, Jinlong YANG, Hui X...  Clicked:1746  Download:1479  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 478
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2022 Vol.23 No.3 P.241-248  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2100507
189Shoot rot of Zizania latifolia and the first record of its pathogen Pantoea ananatis in China
Author(s):Zilan XIAO, Jianping DENG, Xiaojun...  Clicked:1800  Download:1367  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 332
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2022 Vol.23 No.4 P.328-338  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2100682
190Toxoplasma gondii infection induces cell apoptosis via multiple pathways revealed by transcriptome a...
Author(s):Kaige DU, Fei LU, Chengzuo XIE, Ha...  Clicked:1489  Download:1274  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 288
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2022 Vol.23 No.4 P.315-327  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2100877
191Can SpRY recognize any PAM in human cells?
Author(s):Jinbin YE, Haitao XI, Yilu CHEN, Q...  Clicked:1175  Download:999  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 280
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2022 Vol.23 No.5 P.382-391  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2100710
192Detection, isolation, and characterization of a novel impurity from several folic acid products
Author(s):Qirong SHEN, Quan HE, Yuanjiang PA...  Clicked:1016  Download:896  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 372
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2022 Vol.23 No.7 P.597-606  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2100970
193Spirulina platensis aqueous extracts ameliorate colonic mucosal damage and modulate gut microbiota d...
Author(s):Jian WANG, Liqian SU, Lun ZHANG, J...  Clicked:1585  Download:1037  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 342
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2022 Vol.23 No.6 P.481-501  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2100988
194PFKL, a novel regulatory node for NOX2-dependent oxidative burst and NETosis
Author(s):Zhaohui CAO, Di HUANG, Cifei TANG,...  Clicked:897  Download:879  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 292
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2022 Vol.23 No.7 P.607-612  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B2101029
195A joint image compression and encryption scheme based on a novel coupled map lattice system and DNA operati...
Author(s):Yuanyuan LI, Xiaoqing YOU, Jianqua...  Clicked:1017  Download:3754  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 224
Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering  2023 Vol.24 No.6 P.813-827  DOI:10.1631/FITEE.2200645
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