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Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE A

ISSN 1673-565X(Print), 1862-1775(Online), Monthly

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Science Letters

A completely open cavity realized with photonic crystal wedges

HE Sai-ling, RUAN Zhi-chao

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0355 Downloaded: 3129 Clicked: 5919 Cited: 0 Commented: 1(p.355-357) <Full Text>

Computer & Information Science

On the construction of cryptographically strong Boolean functions with desirable trade-off

REN Kui, PARK Jaemin, KIM Kwangjo

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0358 Downloaded: 2675 Clicked: 5566 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.358-364) <Full Text>

Nonlinear modeling of PEMFC based on neural networks identification

SUN Tao, CAO Guang-yi, ZHU Xin-jian

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0365 Downloaded: 3303 Clicked: 6807 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.365-370) <Full Text>

An immunity-based technique to detect network intrusions

PAN Feng, DING Yun-fei, WANG Wei-nong

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0371 Downloaded: 2896 Clicked: 6106 Cited: 119 Commented: 0(p.371-377) <Full Text>

Control DHT maintenance costs with session heterogeneity

ZOU Fu-tai, WU Zeng-de, ZHANG Liang, MA Fan-yuan

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0378 Downloaded: 3267 Clicked: 5916 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.378-386) <Full Text>

Clustering-based selective neural network ensemble

FU Qiang, HU Shang-xu, ZHAO Sheng-ying

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0387 Downloaded: 2899 Clicked: 6420 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.387-392) <Full Text>

NETLAB-An Internet based laboratory for electrical engineering education

ZHANG Shu, ZHU Shan-an, LIN Qun, XU Zhi-wei, YING Shao-dong

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0393 Downloaded: 3261 Clicked: 6756 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.393-398) <Full Text>

A novel mutual authentication and key agreement protocol based on NTRU cryptography for wireless communications

JIANG Jun, HE Chen

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0399 Downloaded: 3698 Clicked: 6443 Cited: 1 Commented: 0(p.399-404) <Full Text>

Instance-oriented delegation: A solution for providing security to Grid-based mobile agent middleware

MA Tian-chi, LI Shan-ping

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0405 Downloaded: 2958 Clicked: 5723 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.405-413) <Full Text>

Using location types to control interferences in mobile resources

FU Cheng, YOU Jin-yuan

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0414 Downloaded: 2807 Clicked: 6267 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.414-419) <Full Text>

Multiple objective particle swarm optimization technique for economic load dispatch

ZHAO Bo, CAO Yi-jia

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0420 Downloaded: 6437 Clicked: 8041 Cited: 22 Commented: 1(p.420-427) <Full Text>

An iris recognition method based on multi-orientation features and Non-symmetrical SVM

GU Hong-ying, ZHUANG Yue-ting, PAN Yun-he

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0428 Downloaded: 3524 Clicked: 6822 Cited: 0 Commented: 2(p.428-432) <Full Text>

Support Vector Machine for mechanical faults classification

JIANG Zhi-qiang, FU Han-guang, LI Ling-jun

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0433 Downloaded: 3361 Clicked: 8172 Cited: 12 Commented: 0(p.433-439) <Full Text>

New predictive control algorithms based on least squares Support Vector Machines

LIU Bin, SU Hong-ye, CHU Jian

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0440 Downloaded: 3838 Clicked: 7050 Cited: 0 Commented: 1(p.440-446) <Full Text>

An XML-based information model for archaeological pottery

LIU De-zhi, RAZDAN Anshuman, SIMON Arleyn, BAE Myungsoo

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0447 Downloaded: 59905 Clicked: 5845 Cited: 2 Commented: 0(p.447-453) <Full Text>

A novel face recognition method with feature combination

LI Wen-shu, ZHOU Chang-le, XU Jia-tuo

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0454 Downloaded: 3073 Clicked: 6428 Cited: 1 Commented: 0(p.454-459) <Full Text>

Smooth feature line detection for meshes

GUO Yan-wen, PENG Qun-sheng, HU Guo-fei, WANG Jin

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0460 Downloaded: 3823 Clicked: 6035 Cited: 6 Commented: 0(p.460-468) <Full Text>

Technical illustration based on 3D CSG models

GENG Wei-dong, DING Lei, YU Hong-feng, PAN Yun-he

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0469 Downloaded: 2593 Clicked: 5648 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.469-475) <Full Text>

A new fusion approach based on distance of evidences

CHEN Liang-zhou, SHI Wen-kang, DENG Yong, ZHU Zhen-fu

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.2005.A0476 Downloaded: 3294 Clicked: 6701 Cited: 8 Commented: 0(p.476-482) <Full Text>

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