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91Three-dimensional inversion analysis of an in situ stress field based on a two-stage optimization al...
Author(s):She-rong Zhang, An-kui Hu, Chao Wang  Clicked:4572  Download:1959  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1754
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2016 Vol.17 No.10 P.782-802  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1600014
92Chip morphology predictions while machining hardened tool steel using finite element and smoothed particles...
Author(s):Usama Umer, Jaber Abu Qudeiri, Moh...  Clicked:3620  Download:2876  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1454
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2016 Vol.17 No.11 P.873-885  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1600023
93Finite element modeling of superplastic co-doped yttria-stabilized tetragonal-zirconia polycrystals
Author(s):Hsuan-Teh Hu, Shih-Tsung Tseng, Al...  Clicked:3719  Download:1898  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1641
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2016 Vol.17 No.12 P.989-999  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1500159
94Residual stress analysis and bow simulation of crystalline silicon solar cells
Author(s):Chih-Hung Chen, Hsuan-Teh Hu, Fu-M...  Clicked:3553  Download:2434  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1578
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2017 Vol.18 No.1 P.49-58  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1500279
95A method for the global optimization of the tooth contact pattern and transmission error of spiral bevel an...
Author(s):Yao-bin Zhuo, Xue-yan Xiang, Xiao-...  Clicked:3437  Download:2737  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1476
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2017 Vol.18 No.5 P.377-392  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1600240
96EPR-RCGA-based modelling of compression index and RMSE-AIC-BIC-based model selection for Chinese marine cla...
Author(s):Ze-xiang Wu, Hui Ji, Chuang Yu, Ch...  Clicked:4019  Download:1948  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1745
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2018 Vol.19 No.3 P.211-224  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1700089
97A finite element analysis of the stress distribution to the mandible from impact forces with various orient...
Author(s):Yun-Feng Liu, Russell Wang, Dale A...  Clicked:4024  Download:2052  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1336
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2018 Vol.19 No.1 P.38-48  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B1600552
98Customized reconstructive prosthesis design based on topological optimization to treat severe proximal tibi...
Author(s):Aobo Zhang, Hao Chen, Yang Liu, Na...  Clicked:1347  Download:1145  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science  2003 Vol.4 No.1 P.87-99  DOI:10.1007/s42242-020-00102-7
99Static analysis of a stepped main shaft in a mine hoist by means of the modified 1D higher-order theory
Author(s):Wen-xiang Teng, Zhen-cai Zhu  Clicked:2351  Download:1410  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1250
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2018 Vol.19 No.9 P.719-734  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1700509
100Comparison of different cellular structures for the design of selective laser melting parts through the app...
Author(s):Rubén Paz, Mario D. Monzón, Phil...  Clicked:3789  Download:1450  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1477
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2019 Vol.20 No.2 P.117-132  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1800422
101Design of a PCB stator coreless axial flux permanent magnet synchronous motor based on a novel topology Hal...
Author(s):Xiao-yuan Wang, Xiang Li, Chun-pen...  Clicked:6793  Download:9456  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1634
Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering  2019 Vol.20 No.3 P.414-424  DOI:10.1631/FITEE.1700345
102Analysis and control of cured deformation of fiber-reinforced thermosetting composites: a review
Author(s):Jiao-yuan Lian, Zhong-bin Xu, Xiao...  Clicked:6223  Download:1955  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1441
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2019 Vol.20 No.5 P.311-333  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1800565
103Interaction between patch loading, bending moment, and shear stress in steel girders
Author(s):Emanuele Maiorana, Cyrille Denis T...  Clicked:3737  Download:1534  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1334
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2019 Vol.20 No.6 P.389-410  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1900024
104Bionic mechanical design and 3D printing of novel porous Ti6Al4V implants for biomedical applications
Author(s):Wen-ming Peng, Yun-feng Liu, Xian-...  Clicked:3135  Download:1901  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1450
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B  2019 Vol.20 No.8 P.647-659  DOI:10.1631/jzus.B1800622
105Structural design and analysis of a composite wing with high aspect ratio
Author(s):Yu-shan Meng, Li Yan, Wei Huang, T...  Clicked:3843  Download:1684  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2019 Vol.20 No.10 P.781-793  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1900271
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