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16A semi-analytical state-space approach for 3D transient analysis of functionally graded material cylindrica...
Author(s):Xu Liang, Hai-lei Kou, Guo-hua Liu...  Clicked:4315  Download:2184  Cited:2  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1686
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2015 Vol.16 No.7 P.525-540  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1500016
17Transient thermal behavior of a microchannel heat sink with multiple impinging jets
Author(s):Ting-zhen Ming, Yan Ding, Jin-le G...  Clicked:5176  Download:2157  Cited:3  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1620
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2015 Vol.16 No.11 P.894-909  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1400313
18Distributed indeterminacy evaluation of cable-strut structures: formulations and applications
Author(s):Jin-yu Zhou, Wu-jun Chen, Bing Zha...  Clicked:2835  Download:1905  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1506
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2015 Vol.16 No.9 P.737-748  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1500081
19Residual stress analysis and bow simulation of crystalline silicon solar cells
Author(s):Chih-Hung Chen, Hsuan-Teh Hu, Fu-M...  Clicked:3664  Download:2501  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1596
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2017 Vol.18 No.1 P.49-58  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1500279
20Heat generation and transfer in automotive dry clutch engagement
Author(s):Theofilos Gkinis, Ramin Rahmani, H...  Clicked:26292  Download:9080  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 5409
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2018 Vol.19 No.3 P.175-188  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1700481
21Wear performance of metal parts fabricated by selective laser melting: a literature review
Author(s):Yi Zhu, Jun Zou, Hua-yong Yang  Clicked:3464  Download:2120  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1768
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2018 Vol.19 No.2 P.95-110  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1700328
22Customized reconstructive prosthesis design based on topological optimization to treat severe proximal tibi...
Author(s):Aobo Zhang, Hao Chen, Yang Liu, Na...  Clicked:1425  Download:1184  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science  2003 Vol.4 No.1 P.87-99  DOI:10.1007/s42242-020-00102-7
23Static response of functionally graded multilayered one-dimensional hexagonal piezoelectric quasicrystal pl...
Author(s):Yun-zhi Huang, Yang Li, Lian-zhi Y...  Clicked:4324  Download:1318  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1409
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2019 Vol.20 No.2 P.133-147  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1800472
24Integrated 60-GHz miniaturized wideband metasurface antenna in a GIPD process
Author(s):Hai-yang Xia, Jin-can Hu, Tao Zhan...  Clicked:3447  Download:1562  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1477
Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering  2020 Vol.21 No.1 P.174-181  DOI:10.1631/FITEE.1900453
25Numerical and experimental investigation of damping in a dam-break problem with fluid-structure interaction
Author(s):Abdullah Demir, Ali Ersin Dincer, ...  Clicked:5187  Download:1597  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1809
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2019 Vol.20 No.4 P.258-271  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A1800520
26FL muscles for soft robots"href="./article.php?doi=10.1007/s42242-019-00055-6" target="_blank">Multidirectional 3D-printed functionally graded modular joint actuated by TCP 27Crack identification in functionally graded material framed structures using stationary wavelet transform a...
Author(s):Nguyen Tien Khiem, Tran Van Lien, ...  Clicked:3046  Download:1737  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1285
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2021 Vol.22 No.8 P.657-671  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2000402
28Deep learning-based signal processing for evaluating energy dispersal in bridge structures
Author(s):Nhi Ngo-Kieu, Thao Nguyen-Da, Toan...  Clicked:2980  Download:1763  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 1351
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2021 Vol.22 No.8 P.672-680  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2000414
29Identification of ductile fracture model parameters for three ASTM structural steels using particle swarm o...
Author(s):Ya-zhi ZHU, Shi-ping HUANG, Hao HONG  Clicked:490  Download:395  Cited:0  <Full Text>  <PPT> 25
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A  2022 Vol.23 No.6 P.421-442  DOI:10.1631/jzus.A2100369
30Droplet-based bioprinting enables the fabrication of cell–hydrogel–microfibre composite tissue precurs...
Author(s):Marcin Kotlarz, Ana M. Ferreira, P...  Clicked:85  Download:36  Cited:0  <Full Text>
Journal of Zhejiang University Science  2004 Vol.5 No.3 P.512-528  DOI:10.1007/s42242-022-00192-5
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